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ArtLaw Kenya

ArtLawKenya is an organization founded in 2017 which seeks to explore the various legal issues within the Creative Arts & Entertainment Industry. Whilst appreciating the significant roles that the arts and culture play in society, we strive to drive a more informed narrative of the different legal & business issues within the arts. In doing so, we:

  1. Organize sector-specific legal trainings, workshops, seminars and webinars for industry professionals within the Creative Arts & Entertainment industry;
  2. Provide informed articles and educational resources to artists and arts organizations on a wide range of legal and business-related;
  3. Spearhead educational content creation using new media;
  4. Forge strategic partnerships and collaborations with sector players;
  5. Conduct legal aid clinics within art centers and creative hubs;
  6. Offer specialized legal advice, legal representation and consult to creatives, industry professionals and organizations on a wide range of arts related legal and business matters; and,
  7. Report on or about current events touching on various legalities within the arts and entertainment industry through our blog website

We like to refer to ourselves as a community of lawyers and artists who are passionate about ranting and sharing.

Art & Law In Kenya


Motivated by our passion to bridge the gap between the creative economy and its access to legal services, our team of professionals is especially skilled in offering practical solutions to the myriad of challenges faced by today’s creative.


Having worked in the creative industry for over 5 years, we’ve gathered an understanding of the unique nature of legal challenges today’s creative may face whilst practicing as creative.

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We’re all about adopting personable yet sustainable approaches to suit each of our clients’ unique needs. This has allowed us to create an environment keen on fostering continued support and consequent growth.


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