“My art gives the natural environment a voice.”

Resian Takona is a young female visual artist born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya.

Having grown up in the surroundings of nature, her love for the outdoors grew her constant fascination with nature; which love she mirrors in her art.

‘How Great Thou Art’ – Wood Cut Print

Her interest in art further steadily grew during her teenage years, ultimately seeing her pursue a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and Design at the University level.

‘Green Grace’ Paper Collage 100*70

As if giving an ode to nature as her source of inspiration, she begun delving into photography as well; and not of just anything, but of nature. With this, she would capture her surrounding landscapes in pictures during random walks.  


ArtLawKenya: What makes nature so special to you?
Resian: I have a connection that I cherish with it. Truly. I feel that the artistic exchange between land and the artist opens up many opportunities.

A: What have you majored in within the visual arts and what is your choice of media?

R: I’ve majored in multimedia crafts and painting using recycled materials I collect.

A. We’ve learnt that you are a trained teacher as well?

R. Yes I am. As a teacher, I specialize in Early childhood development. I use this platform to teach children and influence them artistically in the hope that I will foster in them a curiosity and enthusiasm for art

A. Can we talk about your achievements within the arts?

R. Definitely.
I was one of the winners of a continental art competition called Arts Talent Africa (ARTTA) – an initiative designed to revamp the art industry in Africa at large, making it more accessible and beneficial to artists, young and contemporary. I emerged first in Kenya, winning the award for the most unique technique used in executing a piece of art.

A. Any advice you would give to young/younger artists?

R. I would advice that patience and relience is key for an artist.

A. Lastly, how may our readers contact you should they want to connect with you?

R. I’ll gladly respond to their emails. I can be easily reached on

‘Better days are yet to come’ – mixed media 100*70. This piece shows how children are affected after being left out alone due to lockdown after the covid pandemic . The picture demonstrates how children have been left helpless insecure while poverty- stricken and are left to teach and feed themselves. The whole scenario is a reflection of what is happening around the continent due to lack of proper sustainable  socio- economic development

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  1. Harrison Karanja (SCOPT)

    Good support for artists.
    I am interested in working with you in the near future.
    Am a contemporary artist blending graffiti and pop art in my own kenyan style. Check me out on Instagram @harikaranja #scopt #harikaranja

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