In my paintings – landscapes, objects and people from different eras of life are brought together in scenes that express emotions that capture their social activities.”

Meet Njuguna Wa Wanjiru Lidanjam, a visual artist currently living and working in Nairobi who describes his work in the most captivating of ways:

My work is an expression of the diverse African people, their culture, their social activities as well as psychological expressions that describe their relationship to everything around them in the past and present day.

Lidanjam Art.

His journey towards becoming a fine artist and the seasoned creative that he is today didn’t quite begin as conventionally as you may think. Lidanjam actually begun expressing himself through music. He tells us that he started scribbling at a very young age, but due to the environment in which he grew up in, his focus shifted to music through which he would paint his world. At this particular time in his life, he used lyrics, words and sound.

But this left a gap in his world; one that he felt needed to be filled because he needed to see a physical manifestation of his world in actual colour.

I needed a way I could express my vision, hold it and show people. This forced me to shift my music writing skills to drawings and paintings.

Lidanjam Art

When describing his work, he says his art is a depiction of his ability to relate to diverse people in and through his music which, in turn, has given him an edge in how he views people. His paintings, he adds, have a strong physical presence due to their rich tones as well as a combination of standard realism and abstract expression.

According to him, the resulting works transform the notion of realism into a uniquely expressive form.

The Tale of a Mukima Tree

Interestingly, Lidanjam is not just a fine artist neither is he just a musician. He pushes his creative boundaries by working in different media including traditional pencil portrait drawings, fashion, wearable art and so much more because he firmly believes that there are no limitations to what an artist can do and achieve.

…and the people said amen.

Commissioned Portrait Drawing ‘Selectress Jema’

To connect with Lidanjam, you may reach him on/through:




WhatsApp Business : +254723537471

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  1. Miss Jema

    My all time favorite artist. Did the above displayed piece and another for my son. His work made me fall in love with ART. Bless you Lidanjam!!!

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