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Wait, what’s that smell? Why it’s us launching ‘Showcase Saturdays’!

So here’s how it’ll work. Every alternative Saturday, we’ll showcase an artist or creative and their work on our website! No, no, like for real FAH REAL. Yes, we’re as serious as several heart attacks.

You’re probably wondering why we’re doing this and what the catch is amiright?

I hear you.

So here’s the thing. We begun this blog to build a community of artists, lawyers and art-lovers that loved and respected the arts and culture in Kenya and further advocated for it. A community to share knowledge and resources on various aspects of the arts and its interaction with various legal principles. And that’s really what we’ve been doing since we posted that first rant in 2017. But the thing is, we’ve realized that it isn’t enough to just write about arts and culture, we’ve got to showcase it too. This venture is further fueled by the indefinite closure of most creative centers, entertainment spots and studios that are feeling the pinch of being closed due to the ongoing pandemic. And if I’m being really honest with you? I’ve missed going to exhibitions, especially their openings, because wine and amazing company go wonderful together. I’ve missed discovering new music at concerts and stumbling onto literature at book readings. I’ve missed the scene.

So that’s the first reason why we’re doing this.

The second is that a couple of our readers and followers on our socials have asked us to show their work on our page to get them more sales and awareness.

Whilst we can’t authoritatively promise to make you sales, we promise to curate your work as best as possible on our gallery page space. And the best part? There’s no hidden costs. And if for some reason you’d want us to take down your work, we’ll do that without hesitation.

We’d have loved to have a physical launch for ‘Showcase Saturdays’ but, Corona. So, we’re announcing it how we do best, HERE!

THEREFORE, if you’re an artist in the creative industry, we’d love to have you and your work showcased on our website. Are you a musician, an animator, a fine artist, a writer? We’re talking to you. Know an illustrator? Graphic Designer? Sculptor? Filmmaker? Well tag them too sis/bro!

All you have to do is follow these uber easy steps:

  1. DM us or email us your name and number – our email is;
  2. THAT’S IT!

We’ll call you up and arrange for you to give us your picture (not mandatory), your artist statement or biography, and your work. Pretty simple yeah?

One more thing, we need your help filling out this really quick survey . I promise it’ll not only take one minute of your time, it will also really help us in creating content that is relevant to you.





Immaculate Juma is an Advocate (of the High Court of Kenya) and a creative whose inclination towards the arts has largely influenced her practice in areas of law including Intellectual Property Rights and Management, Music and Entertainment Law, Art Law, Privacy and Image Rights, Software licensing and Employment Law. She completed her Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) from The University of Nairobi and has previously worked at Mohammed Muigai Advocates, J. Louis Onguto Advocates and the Karen Village Arts Cultural and Heritage Centre. Additionally, she holds a Certificate in Copyright Law from Harvard Law School from the CopyrightX Program; a distance-learning initiative of Harvard Law School and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society.

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